Windows 10

I’ve been using Windows 10 for some time on a variety of hardware, including a fairly beefy gaming desktop and a low-end cheap laptop. So far the experience has been surprisingly pleasant. I’m convinced that Microsoft has learned from its mistakes. In particular, i’ve noticed the following:

1) Most Windows 10 users don’t have to worry about licensing anymore. If your machine came with Windows 10 presinstalled or if you upgraded using the free upgrade, your all set. Microsoft ties your activation to the machine itself (via a unique identifier tied to the BIOS, I think). No more having to worry about reading a serial number on the bottom of your machine.

2 ) Microsoft offers an ISO on their website, along with a tool to turn a flash drive into a bootable Windows 10 install disk


3) Windows 10 is fast. Very fast. I am currently running Windows 10 on a 1.8ghz Celeron processor and it runs as well as Linux Mint and Chrome OS. Unlike previous versions of Windows, it runs better on older hardware than it’s predecessor

4) The GUI is quite nice. Microsoft has taken the best of what Windows 8 had to offer and combined it with the classic Start Menu UI we all know and love. Once can confidently say that Windows users don’t have to envy OS X users in that regard.