The Problem with News Curation

News curation. It seems to be the hottest trend these days.  Whether it's Klout launching topic pages, Facebook emphasizing news in its redesign or Digg unveiling its Newsroom feature, everyone wants to become your one stop shop for news.  While many of these products are well designed and will prove to be popular among the tech enthusaist crowd they will ultimately fail to garner the mainstream support needed to be considered succesful. Here is why:



Late last year Gowalla released version 3 of its iPhone app with a brilliantly simple feature: Foursquare integration. The reason behind this decision was simple: Gowalla is a product built to solve the problem of associating a geographic location with a social action. Social news websites need to realize that there ultimate goal is to solve the problem of news curation and that problem is not limited to a particular social network.  

The future of news curation is about aggregating the various services that people turn to for news into a cohesive product not a service that keeps you in its own walled garden.