Tanoshi Sushi

During one of my regular never-ending Youtube marathons, I came across a Munchies video about a small Sushi restaurant on the Upper East Side called Tanoshi Sushi.  The video focused on the relationship between the head chef and his apprentice.

I was intrigued and decided to do a bit of digging.  The more research I did, the more interested I became. 

  • Omakase? ✔️
  • Prices that aren't mind-numbingly high? ✔️
  • Good Reviews? ✔️

I decided to book a reservation and make my first omakase experience official.  Needless to say, I was excited.

The exterior of the restaurant is very unassuming, tucked in between its partner in crime Tanoshi Bento and an Italian Restaurant. 

Tanoshi only has twelve seats, doesn't accept walk-ins, and has a strict policy regarding cancellations.  They offer two types of Omakase, 'Matsu' and 'Hinoki.'  I opted for the latter. 

Everyone gets a wooden plate topped with a small mound of ginger, a glass of water, glass of tea, and a glass for alcohol (BYOB).  

The sushi itself consists of a combination of local sourced and Japanese fish, based on availability.  There are three chefs, each of which serves four people.  It definitely felt like a well choreographed affair, with each chef serving the same sushi at the same pace.  The atmosphere was very low key.  I expected an omakase restaurant with their reputation to be more intimidating, but that was luckily not the case. 

Our dinner consisted of the following:

  • Fluke
  • Abalone
  • Black Sable
  • Black Throat
  • Bluefin x2
  • Botan Shrimp
  • Botan Uni
  • Crab Brain
  • Golden Eye 
  • Iwashi (Sardine)
  • Japanese Uni
  • Masaba
  • Miso Fluke
  • Salmon Belly
  • Shima Aji (Striped Horse Mackerel)
  • Triple X (Quail Egg, Caviar, and Uni)

While everything was great, the highlight of the night for me was the quail egg, caviar, and uni roll.  It was very rich and had the perfect combination of salty, sweet, savory, and umami flavors.

Not pictured: the expression of sheer bliss on my face

Not pictured: the expression of sheer bliss on my face

If you're looking for a good omakase experience in a relaxed environment, give Tanoshi Sushi a try.