On the Passing of John Glenn

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth has passed away. As sad as it is that many of our space pioneers are leaving us, what's really upsetting is that no astronaut has ventured beyond LEO (low-earth orbit) since 1972. Why? Because no one has decided that space exploration and the advancement of science should be properly funded. At one point, we spent over 4% of our GDP on space exploration. Today that figures hovers at around .4%. Al Wooden, one of only twenty-four human beings to have journeyed to the moon, recently said the following:

What people do not understand about the space program is that the primary product of the space program is not going somewhere; it’s developing the technology to go there.
— https://journalistsforspace.com/2016/12/06/exclusive-interview-with-apollo-15-astronaut-al-worden/

I couldn't agree more.
Ad astra, John Glenn.