Digg Isn't Dead (Yet)

Ever since the launch of Digg v4 in late August many have been claiming that Digg was not only heading in the wrong direction but that it was destined for faliure.  Many aruged that the new Digg gave content providers an unfair advantage while at the same time making it more and more difficult for small publishers to gain momentum.  Users began to protest the new Digg by launching several "rebellions". Users quickly began submitting (and subsequently digging) Reddit content on a massive scale.  Users declared August 30, 2010 "Quite Digg Day".  What many saw as the final nail in Digg's coffin was the recently released Hitwise Data study showing that in the month following the launch of Digg v4, traffic drooped by an astounding 26%.


Blogs and various news sites quickly pointed to this study as proof that Digg was as good as dead.  What many overlooked however was perhaps the most signifact data point in the study: 

 "During the same period of decline in the UK for digg, reddit only increased its visitors by 2.6%."

This tidbit is vital because it shows that there is nothing right now that fills the gap left by Digg.  Reddit in it's current incarnation is not a worthy succesor to Digg. Users are not abandoning Digg for Reddit (or any other social network), they are simply leaving Digg.  This leaves a (very short) windows of opportunity for Kevin Rose to stop the current exodus of users.