Shooting with the S4

When Samsung began promoting the Galaxy S4 early this year, one of the most talked about features was the new and improved 13-megapixel camera.  Samsung claimed that the camera in the S4 was far superior to the competition (including the iPhone 5).  The hardware combined with Touchwiz's new and improved camera software supposedly created the perfect balance between quality and functionality.  A quick google search shows that there are plenty of users interested in using Samsung's proprietary camera software on non-touchwiz devices.  So how does the S4 perform as a camera?  In my four months of using the S4 as my primary camera I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.  Photos taken with the S4 are crisp, with good contrast and color reproduction (assuming the lighting is decent).  Below is a gallery showcasing a few photos that I took with the S4.  These photos have not been cropped or retouched in any way.